A Quick and Easy Way to Decorate Your Locker

A Quick and Easy Way to Decorate Your Locker

A Quick and Easy Way to Decorate Your Locker

Decorated Locker

The summer is coming to an end and students are preparing for a new school year.  The excitement begins and most students look forward to doing their back to school shopping.  Most, if not all, welcome the idea of being able to decorate their school lockers and spend tons of time thinking about the perfect idea.  There are others, however, that do not spend as much time thinking about decorating their locker. Instead, those students want to find something quick, fast and cool to accessorize their lockers if they choose to at all.

So what is quick, fast and cool, you may ask?  I will give you some great ideas that will greatly help you out.

Sports Theme – suitable for girls and boys alike, a locker decorated with accessories from your favorite team is a great idea.  You can get miniature posters, team photo frames or even magnetic locker wallpaper with your favorite team’s logos.

Bling Bling – this is an idea just perfect for girls.  Buy or make a simple magnetic photo frame and decorate it with rhinestones in your favorite color.  Also, you can use the rhinestones to decorate all of your locker accessories, like your magnetic dry erase board, your pencil holder, the edge of your locker shelf or even around the border of your locker mirror.

Color Coordinate – yet another idea that is perfect for boys and girls alike.  If you have a favorite color or two, buy all of your locker accessories in that color or in a similar shade.  Most locker accessories come in an assorted array of colors so there are tons of options you can choose from.

Your Favorite – Do you have favorite animal, a favorite musician, band or television star that you just love?  Use magnets in different shapes and sizes and place them around your locker. Get cutouts from magazines and use miniature magnets to put them up on your locker wall.

Whether you are into the locker decoration thing at school or not, these are just some easy, effortless yet cool ways to decorate a school locker.  It may surprise you how one simple accessory can make a big difference.

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